Hello, hello, again, fashion-thusiasts!

I decided to up my style to a whole new level of preppy, since it’s one of my favorite styles.

This week I dressed pre-e-etty formally. In college. Among a crowd of jean and leggings-wearers.


See what I mean? Sure, I think I got some weird looks. Sure, maybe it’s a little bonkers to be wearing something of a cross between a private school girl and a young businesswoman/entrepreneur/whatchamacallit in college especially when it’s not for a particular event. But I have a mantra: if girls can wear something as casual as leggings in public (Which I totally understand, comfort is number one priority for most!), then I can wear something as formal as a tie and blazer every day if I wanted to, just because I love the look of it that much. My clothes are comfortable for me, anyways, so there’s no disputing the “comfort” question.


Me looking like the female version of James Bond here, heeheehee…


Hey, here’s an idea: why don’t the Bond girls and all the other spy girls in general put on a tie-and-blazer combo? I think they’d look wayyy more impressive that way. Ties can be the new sexy too, right? Yes? No? Okay, just throwing it out there.





I just realized how thin my hair looks in photos. 0.o



I’m using the above picture for my LinkedIn profile. Finally, because I’ve been long overdue on it.


Just trying to break into Stephen King novels here…

I’m wearing:

Blouse — maisonJules

Tie — Yesstyle

Blazer — H&M

Skirt — Forever 21

Ankle boots — Macy’s

Final thoughts: I loved wearing my outfit this week. I loved the smart, minimal, preppy look of my outfit and I loved that I could find a matching skirt to pair with the blazer. Ooh, and I’m glad the tie matched nicely with my boots.

I have feeling that one day, I’ll return to this site, roll my eyes and think, “OMG Tiffany, of all places and you just HAD to wear this getup in college?!” Hahah, but maybe it’s true that it’s just a phase and that one day, I’ll grow out of this style. Granted, I’d say I look like a business woman, but since I doubt women are allowed to wear thigh-high skirts in the corporate word, I probably veer more towards the look of a schoolgirl.

Back to my “phase” statement. Some people come out of their phases as nerds. Or goths. Or punks. Or scene queens. Or something new. And I? I think I found my own niche: the prep. Like, the really formal type.

So who here likes the preppy style? Tell me in the comments!

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