Happy weekend, fashion-thusiasts!

Moment of truth: I, Tiffany, was never a trendy person in terms of fashion. Okay, maybe I’m stretching it, but based on what I see on Pinterest, my college, and generally where I live, a lot of girls, and I mean A LOT, wear something in common. Same leggings, same ripped jeans, same sweatpants, same types of croptops, even the same drinks. They all looked so similar, and I wondered what it was with their indistinguishable uniforms.

Well, I did my research.

Turns out this widespread style is called the Basic Girl look. And it’s not just a look, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

I’m not sure since when it became fashionable to substitute pants pants for leggings and yoga pants, but seeing this as an opportunity to jump into a popular trend, today I decided to show you how to be a basic girl. You ready?

All right… Step 1: You need to LOOK like a basic girl.



Observe: a tank top layered over a flannel, yoga pants, a tastefully pinned topknot, and autumn boots. Okay, okay, I know uggs fit the definition of a basic girl better, but since I couldn’t find any uggs around my house, I took fluffy boots instead.

I’m wearing:

Tank top – Felina lingerie

flannel – JACHS girlfriend

Boots – Khombs


Also, makeup. Here I’m holding my trusty tube that contains a combo of nude lipstick on one side and mascara on the other. Go-to makeup is detrimental to enhance your basic-girl look. But, like some basic girls, I took it a step further and added a hunk of eyeliner and an ever-so-slight touch of smoky eyeshadow to my look. Awesome. Considering I find it odd to pair cosmetics with such a casual look.

Step 2: Drink and be obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes. The ones from Starbucks.




This pumpkin spice latte is actually from Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Yes, guys, I’m a Peet’s type of gal. Pardon me for the hypocrisy, but I have excuses. One, Peet’s is on my college campus, so it’s a matter of convenience. Two, I grew up with Peet’s. Don’t get me wrong, Starbucks coffees are popular for a reason, but as much as I’m a coffee enthusiast, I’m also a tea enthusiast. If there’s anything I learned from my mom, from whom I inherited my love of tea, it is that Peet’s has better teas than Starbucks. Third, I don’t trust Starbucks. Okay, is that putting it a little too harshly? Maybe. But considering my love for tea, and my previous memories of those Starbucks coffees having too much foam on top and not enough coffee in them, I think it’s fair to say I just don’t regularly do Starbucks. Period. Just a personal preference, you guys.

Step 3: Be obsessed with your phone.



You must have a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; you just can’t live without your social stash! Your head should be buried in your phone, A LOT, ’cause your phone is a very important part of your social life.

Step 4: Have a French manicure.



I did ’em myself! It’s easy to do, actually. Just cut out some tape so they outline the white base of your nails and so that nail polish won’t leak below that. Then carefully paint your tips white.

Side story: When I joined the judo club, the instructor was all like, “These nails have to go, so you don’t scratch anyone.” I was a little disappointed at first, but he had a fair point, and I really wanted to join the judo club, so I wasn’t going to compromise it for anything. These claws had to be clipped. Hmm, I thought, which style would look best with a French manicure? Then I remembered that part of the basic girl’s ensemble includes French nails. And I knew exactly what to blog about this week… 😉

Step 5: Take mirror selfies.

Lots of them.




Make sure to hide your face behind your phone sometimes, to be a little mystery to everyone. 😉

Step 6: Have fairy lights! Basic girls like to decorate their rooms with these.


And while I don’t know whether basic girls do that, yes, I do hang sticky notes on my wall. My room’s kind of quaint.

There you go! I’m sure there are lots of other ways to be a basic girl, but I think I covered the basics. Throw on some casual but comfy throw-ons and sip coffee in your favorite café while texting on your phone. Especially in the autumn, when everything is pumpkin spice-themed. You get the idea.

Here’s a basic rundown of it:


For me, I sure had a blast walking around campus, looking so basic that I could barely even recognize myself in the mirror that morning. Still, I’m impressed. Today I felt more trendy than I ever felt in my life. Way to go out of your comfort zone, huh?

To my surprise, I actually got complemented on my clothes. On one side, I thought, “Wait, you actually like this stuff?” Still, I’m not picky, and I’m assuming that means I’m doing this basic girl thing right!

Final thoughts: I never thought I’d be wearing leggings as pants in a fashion blog, but here you go. Am I trendy yet? ^-^

Sooo…let’s talk. Have you ever heard of a basic girl? Would you ever dress up basic-girl style? Orrrr… maybe YOU yourself are a basic girl? 😉 . Tell me in the comments section!

Hope you had as much fun learning about basic girl-ing 101 today as I did becoming one! Now let’s go get some pumpkin spice lattes!

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