Hello, anyone who is reading this!

SO…I’m pretty dedicated to this blog. Like, really dedicated. So when I don’t post weekly, as I intend to, something has happened. The shooting began on Tuesday. And I was adamant on doing it on campus, for change of scenery, you know? Then, I had to review a lot for a nerve-wracking math test the next day(Cuz fashionista though I may be, I’m a good student who studies hard!). Then I got sick with some pre-e-etty nasty cold right after, and THEN the car blew a tire on the way to college. Not to mention, I’m still feeling terribly under the weather.

So it HAD to be this weekend, I guess.


Denim. Such a popular and trendy clothing material, and it’s really comfortable. Thing is, a lot of times I see people pairing it with such drab clothing, I wondered how I could give it a more stylish boost.

Well, good thing I am a huge fan of preppy.

DSC01149 (1)

DSC01117 (1)


DSC01151 (1)

DSC01152 (1)

Would have gotten a better-suited backpack like one of those cute little ones the girls at my college have. Or maybe that brown bag I got for college from a relative (Thanks, Auntie! ^.^). However, I haul around way too many books and provisions, and so my current pink-and-grey one will have to do for now.

DSC01160 (1)

I kept the makeup minimal to reflect the young schoolgirl look: just some mascara and light red lipstick, both from Clinique.

Also, my hair gets oily SUPER fast after I wash it, so if it looks oily from here, sorry about that.

DSC01175 (1)

DSC01165 (1)

Fun fact: I wear glasses sometimes.

Other things I’m wearing:

Blouse — Mom’s hand-me-down(This thing goes way back, so don’t ask me what brand this is xD )

Vest — eBay

Tie — Amazon

Shorts — Yesstyle

Sandals — Hi-Tec

I suggest pairing something denim with a dressy blouse, maybe something like this,  to give it that back-to-school-themed look. Cute enough for school, trendy enough to show off your fun side! Tie totally optional. 😉

What do you think? Did I pull off the preppy-denim look? Did I help you choose a look for school? Tell me in the comments section!

See you next week, lovelies!

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