Hey, fashion-thusiasts!

UPDATE: Turns out the sickness putting me under-the-weather two weeks ago was actually strep throat. I KNOW, RIGHT! It’s the first time I’ve ever had it, and it is the worst. It hurts way more than the usual ones that come with the common cold. Well, now you know.

Luckily, after a doctor visit and some antibiotic intakes later, I’m pretty recovered and well enough to work here again.

Now I know autumn is already here, but where I live, the summer heat tends to linger throughout the remainder of September. So before I dive into autumn jackets and the like here, I wanted to catch the last summer vibes outside. So if your place also has a similar climate, here’s to the last of summer sun!




Yes, yes, I just had to add in the blue vest to my ensemble again! I just can’t get enough of it!

Of course, the theme for this post being summer(Or what’s left of it), I needed a pool to pose next to. There was a pool that belonged to a local cluster of apartments. I knew I needed that pool. The only thing that could deter just anyone from entering was a fence in front of it. And a sign that said, NO TRESSPASSING. But, um, I really needed that pool, so…


I found a lower part of the fence to climb over. Success!! Tell the neighbors that I only borrowed it for one hour.




My new friend from college, like all of my friends, wanted to play around with my hair because of its length( Which I won’t deny, having grown it for a decade, hahah!) And she made me this, which helped me get my hair out of my face, anyhow:


So then I posed one more time but with the updo, courtesy of my friend:


I’m wearing:

Dress — Lebaijia (Le – what? Yea, I know. I only wrote what was written on the attached tag. The most I found on “Lebaijia” is that it’s a food company in China. So yeah, say it again with me — whaaaa? )

Vest — eBay

Hat — Forever 21

Shoes — Hi-Tec


What I really like about the dress was that it had a light and feathery feel, and it was also form-fitting, which I think complimented my physique nicely. Here is an affordable, light

Spaghetti Strap Color Blocks High Low Summer Dress


</small>”>summer dress from Rosegal I recommend for you by the way, to make up for the obscure origins of the one I’m wearing).

Did I pull this summery look nicely? Tell me in the comments section! Next week, I’ve thought up of one sizzling look I’d like you to see 😉 .

Stay warm this coming season, dearests!

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