Calling all fashion-thusiasts! I, Tiffany Wright, may be a baby blogger for now, but I have big dreams!

Let’s start, shall we?


Ta-daaa! Today I put on my a red dress and paired it with black ankle boots.




It seems to have a Russian aesthetic to it. When I first found it hanging around in my closet, I thought it was one of those many dresses that Dad gets from some Russian bazaar or another. Until I looked at the tag more carefully.

Guys, this thing is from Forever 21.

Forever 21?! Yea, I know, I’m surprised, too. It’s kind of fancy for Forever 21.

From the very start I imaged pairing it with a jean vest. Thought I might mix Russian-vintage with a trendy vest, a combo good enough to blend into general public but still kind of stand out.




Russian pride!



I’m wearing:

Red dress – Forever 21

Ankle boots – Macy’s

Vest – Ebay

As you can maybe see above, I pinned this crown of braids on my head. Cute, timeless, and I think it adds to the Russian aesthetic. After this photoshoot, Sas (my sister aka my photographer) and I had to hurry to college before rush hour started. Needless to say, in all that getup, I felt like the glammest girl in college that day.

I think I’ll tell Sas to center the camera more on me rather than the background next time. Other than that, I do hope this was okay for a first blog post!

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this, and stay fashion-thusiastic, for me, m’kay?  See you next week!


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