Given the current winter season, if you’re involved in any outdoor activities like commuting or even just photo sessions like the one I had today, then you probably understand the importance of layering up and keeping warm.

My friend and I went out to get some dinner before we went gallivanting around some city landscapes in the evening. As inspiration for this blog, I layered a fur-collared vest underneath my favorite Zara wrap coat. Take a look at my city-themed outfit and continue reading for some quick and easy ideas on clothes layers.

MIssion Rock Resort at San Francisco. Pro tip: if you want find a table and parking space right off the bat, be sure to come on the weekdays!

Then my Nikon camera ran out of battery, so we had to resort to my phone instead.

I’m wearing:

Coat — Zara

Turtleneck — Zara

Plaid pants — Papaya’s

Boots — Nordstrom

I found some layers to keep you warm this winter.

Assuming you’ve already gotten your winter coat aka outer layer decided by now, you may have stumbled upon an epiphany that, hey, it still feels cold, that you need a little something else underneath! Here are some efficient layering pieces that I’m looking at this winter to stay both warm and stylish!

Turtleneck/high collar jumper (base layer)

For more dimension, layer your high-collars underneath a crisp business top to give your look a formal appearance with a fun, whimsical twist.

Thermal sweater (Base layer)

Okay, so if you want to be more subtle, hear me out. I learned this trick from the OG stylist herself, Youtuber Kerina Wang: take a thermal and then pull on/button up another shirt over it. Style as usual, and voila — an invisible underlayer! It’s also another way to keep on wearing stylish clothes from last season by pairing thermals underneath. What I like about this particular thermal is that it’s specifically designed for heat retention.

Sweater dress (mid layer)

I have one similar to the above, except it’s sleeveless. Try pairing a sweater dress with a collared blouse underneath for a peekabo effect around the neck and sleeve cuffs.

Something like this

Crew-neck cashmere cardigan (mid layer)

I have been wearing this ever since my mother passed it down to me, and it’s currently one of my most worn capsule wardrobe favorites! I can layer something like a blouse with a tie, or if I’m going to be fancy, a detachable peter pan collar.

Final tip: When in doubt play with length dynamics! For instance, since the menswear trend is coming arond, you’ll find a lot of knitted vests that will pair with long blouses. If I was going for such a look, I’d finish it off with a knee-length wrap coat (long). Something to think about when you layer.

Something like this: long shirt hems, short houndstooth vest.

Final thoughts

Call them the base layers and the middle layers, if you will. I chose those pieces specifically because I think they are a good additional to your capsule wardrobe. If you know anything about me, it’s that I strongly emphasize versatility. This is especially helpful if you need to turn thermal underlayers — which so often reminds me of ski apparel — into stylish statements.

And then there’s just the simple reason that you don’t want to spend all your money on trendy items that don’t provide sufficient warmth.

Would you try any of those layered pieces for your next style look? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll see you guys soon!