Hi guys,

I found a daffodil field at a park! You know what that means…

It means ripe, photogenic daffodils to say hello to and pose with.
Not enough daffodils in my daffodil haven.

Does anyone else get a little nervous when they start out their photoshoot, feeling all so self-aware in the public? As the cars passed by me as I trudged to the daffodils across the sidewalk, I got this crazy feeling that the drivers thought I was a streetwalker, even if my clothes aren’t exactly fitting the bill.

I was nervous when I created dents in the grass, hoping that this wasn’t incidentally an off-limits site.

I was nervous that my photos would turn out terrible.

But as I progressed further in my photoshoot work and hi ho, no one called any park rangers on me, I tuned out the sound of the cars rumbling behind me. And I think the photos aren’t awful for all they’re worth.

I’m wearing:

Off-shoulder bell sleeve blouse — Yesstyle

Overall shorts — Wax Jean

Gogo boots — Amazon

Beret — Yesstyle

Sunglasses — H&M

So, what is Boho?

The boho (bohemian) style is a “flowy” look characterized by bright patterns and loose pieces.

It has originally been characterized as a mashup of cheap “reused” fabrics dating back to the early 19th century by the French, later adopted by creative group called the Romantics and popularized into the 20th century spurred on by contemporary designers like Paul Poiret. Now the movement is most associated with 60s and 70s hippie culture, the boho comeback of the early 2000s, and uh…Coachella. Every time I think “Boho” I also think, “Coachella.” Look it up and you’ll see what I mean.

In my outfit you got the flowy boho blouse, but I built it up with a modern twist by adding the fun suspender shorts, 70s round glasses, and a touch of retro à la white 60s boots and a beret. So I went from Classic Coachella…

To something more elevated.

To look boho-chic:

one loose clothing item + something elevated


kimono jacket

lace throw-ons

silk airy blouses

anything with tassels

embroidered peasant blouses


jeans/jean shorts


pencil skirts

block heels

chunky necklaces

flare skirt

A brief update

There’s been a slight downtick in blog posts lately, and here’s why…

I finished one certification in ESL teaching, currently doing a copywriting one, looking for ESL internships abroad, and taking photography classes to improve my photography here. Maybe, if I get good enough, I’ll take my photography even further into the professional sphere. On top of it, I blog.

For a while I studied bloggers and influencers, observed their marketing strategies, their unique selling points . Heck, Austen Tosone is a classic example of the OG influencer that shows you how to do it yourself!

I wanted to follow their examples. To create out ebooks and pamphlets and sell courses and invent original ideas for needs that resonates with the general populus.

Well, some self-introspection showed me that if I wanted to even try competing in the market, I’d have to take blogging WAY more seriously. Like it’s-my-job type of serious.

So now? I’m not so sure about my initial ambitions

You need lots of time to research and come up with blog ideas, lots of original ideas, to thrive and market themselves in the beauty and fashion industry, to build yourself up. You need to pitch to companies to keep up with relevant trends.

So I’m not sure what the future of blogging will look like to me. A lot of factors will determine it. I want to improve, become more professional for my audience, but this will depend on how much time I can invest into the future.

But meanwhile, I continue blogging, for you and for art.