Hi, all:

Long time no see. I’m running out of good places to take a photoshoot, but with the help of some friends, I’m able to sneak in a couple of spontaneous pics.

Feeling chic.
Look at me, so proud of myself for no other reason than for holding a margarita.
Do I look like I’m pulling an M.J with the accidental crotch-grab look? Hmm-hmmmmm…
Finding new friends! <3
One more pic, just one more…!

The pictures weren’t taken all at one time. On the first day, I spend the night at an Italian restaurant with two of my friends from school, where I’m served pasta with squid meat (!!!) and a margarita. Never had one with salt on the rim, so as I accidentally smear a boatload of salt on my lips, I wonder the absurd reason we drink something so sweet with salt.

I think it hit me when my glass got half-empty. I think the margarita tasted better towards the end because I got more accustomed to the sweet-and-salty contrast.

But yeah, it’s weird.

Then my liquor-enthusiastic friend took me to his apartment, where he gave me several more shots of his liquors to “taste-test”. Taste-test, by which I mean trying shots of five different liquors (strong and not so strong) and enjoying the experience so much that I collapse onto the floor from hysterical laughter every time I try to walk. Damn, what an interesting biological experience it is to get drunk. Everything was hysterically funny for no reason at all, and towards the end, as both my very amused pals are leading me out of the house to be driven home, I forgot one of their names and had to ask for it again. Truly.

The other day was saner, I promise you. My new friend Sam and I, having met each other from the English tutoring lab and college where we work at, bought some tea from the local tea shop and headed over to our local but empty college to experience the memories we had on campus before the whole Covid-19 pandemic occurred.

Sometimes we chatted about love interests and squirrels and our knowledge of French culture (We’re both Francophiles) and work and school and friends and cultural issues and how comfortably awkward we can be around each other. However, we both had good memories during our visit on campus, and occasionally we’d take a moment to let the nostalgia sink in. I am surprised by how much the memories have impacted my life. Now, my life in college is a whole other story, but I remember how initially I didn’t even want to attend that place. I wanted to be all edgy and independent and live by myself on the other side of the country or…something. Yeah, I didn’t even know what I wanted. Now, I can’t wait till I can come back to campus and start tutoring there again, in person, instead of on Zoom all the time.


I’m wearing:

Blouse — Yesstyle

Blazer — Amazon

Skinny Jeans — Old Navy

Shoes — Lulu’s

If you’re wondering the relevance to the blog title, I’m wearing a blazer that I got fitted at the tailor’s, and now I feel uber-stylish — maybe a French-chic stylish? I know that my getup doesn’t look remotely anything French (they sport a more effortless look, very unlike my strait-laced taste), but I heard that they really value fitted clothes. And I hardly have a piece that fits me so well like this tweed beauty.

In addition, my schoolgirl-style blouse fits me to the tee, and my skinny jeans hug my legs ever so tightly. Still worth it. I LOVE those sexy things, I think the color contrasts work, and I’m feeling really good about this look so far.

And according to the French, confident is the key to a chic style.

I guess I’m doing something right?