Oh, hello there.

I’ve been busy finding a new theme for my blog. My first theme missed some important features, which made the whole blog look more sloppy as a result. It reminds me of what my debate acquaintance the other day said: “Just as girls are picky about clothes, we boys are picky about muscles.”

Close enough, Dylan. Except even more than clothes I’m horribly picky about my blog features.

Speaking of debate…

I joined the speech and debate team this semester. Decided to dabble in debate, since I’ve had experience last semester. It’s a pretty fun hobby once you get the hang of it. I’m not naturally adept, but hey, it feeds my passion for public speaking.

So it was last February (!) that our first debate tournament took place. Met up with my debate team in this one Livermore college where we performed four rounds against another college. I had to do individual debates with different competitors in separate classrooms, and I remember how uncomfortable it was because I had to run from one side of campus to the other…in pouring rain. Without an umbrella or rain-protective gear. My poor feet were sopping wet the rest of the evening. I didn’t know there would be rain in Livermore, but ah well, this is what I get for being too entitled about Californian weather.

Here’s my #ootd while I’m waiting for elimination rounds to begin so the novice debaters (like myself) can observe.

Then I fell in with some of the debate guys in between breaks. Hah. I was totally one of the guys. Dylan (their spontaneously selected leader, given his height, alpha persona and expertise in debate) invited me over to In n’ Out with them for an celebratory dinner.

I’m sure it looked pretty funny that evening to see three dapper dudes and one pipsqueak dudette noshing on some cheeseburgers while squeezed around one table.

Dappidy was here.