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This Week In: Hues of Blues

Featuring my fanciest preppy outfit to date: blue blazer, jean blouse and skinny jeans with a pop of red from a neckerchief that I wrapped around the collar. Oh, and versatile black fringed ankle boots.
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This Week in: Inspired by Kurisu Makise

One of my favorite hobbies is watching anime, and so of course I was going to base my fashion off my favorite anime character from one of my favorite animes: Kurisu Makise. Sexy, composed, genius, and preppy, I fell in love right away.
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This Week In: Pretty Preppy, Huh?

Because if girls can wear something as casual as leggings in public , then why not wearing a blazer and tie every day like ReviewBrah from The Report of the Week?
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This Week in: Basics of the Basic Girl

I did it, you guys. I now know how to fit into the college scene: by emulating the basic bitch look. Very out of character but it was fun thinking outside the box!
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