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This Week In: For the Rose Garden

Hello, fellas!

These pictures of me and my friend from a Japanese exchange program were actually taken a while back…I’ve just been looking for a good opportunity to post them.

And now that it’s July strolls in the park and picnics are at their height, I am shooting my shot.

Chuarcuterie vs Japanese breakfast + raspberry lemonade
Russia meets Japan (I’m a Russian halfie).
And then we walked around the local rose garden and took pictures of each other. I’m so delighted that we did that.
I think it turned out a success.
White haze
But remind me to bring a wide-lens Nikon camera for this one next time.

I’m wearing:

Kimono robe — Yesstyle

Blouse — Banana Republic

Midi skirt — Yesstyle

Flats — Macy’s

For this look I chose an airy kimono together with a midi skirt that could let my legs just breathe…

And finally some layering and gel hairspray to piece together my short, summery hairdo!

As I’m writing this, it’s 80 °F outside. Small wonder I’m writing about clothes to cool you down; my brain is cooked!

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