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Soft Classics: An Interview with Michelle Hughes

Hi guys!

Today I deviate from personal style articles, and this time I turn the camera onto one of my classy friends, Michelle Hughes!

For context, my goal is to merge my personal styling attempts with photography. Before we went to the Japanese garden in SF, I gave her a questionnaire about what her personal style is like before giving her an evaluation of some clothes recommendations on her kibbes style (soft classic). Needless to say, Michelle’s resulting look turned out great and encapsulates the theme of this blog very well!

SD: Hi Michelle! Can you give me a couple of words to describe your fashion style?

Michelle: Playful, clean, and feminine. Toeing the edge between standing out and blending in. I also prioritize comfort!

SD: What do you want your style to say about you as a person?

Michelle: That I’m approachable…pretty…thoughtful…a bit fun!

SD: Fair enough. I think we all strive for this visual appearance between reserved and outgoing. Now, what type of people inspire you?

Michelle: Hmmm, oooh, these are hard! I like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, as a general rule. Emma Watson. Gigi Hadid. I’ve been inspired by her in Next In Fashion.

SD: I love how they’re all such classics! What are your favorite places to shop at, and how would you describe each store?

Michelle: I like Uniqlo for its basics like socks and beanies and tanks — clean and durable vibes all around. There’s a store in New Zealand called Max — it caters to people our age (early 20s, all cute and feminine and playful). I like Aritzia, even though it’s usually out of my budget. I also do a fair bit of thrifting.

SD: How opportune that we dropped by all the thrift/consignment/vintage stores in Haight Street today.

Michelle: *chuckles* True!

SD: What are the first items you gravitate towards when shopping?

Michelle: Dresses. Earrings. Beautiful cuts. Trousers, because I’m always looking for some that fit.

SD: All right, final question and I’m out of your hair. How does your style fit into your lifestyle?

MIchelle: I style myself to feel good about my body.

SD: Thank you so much for this interview! And thanks for being my first volunteer interviewee.

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